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All Waxing 15% off every Tuesday


Three Sessions $105

Pre-pay for three sessions of spray tan and pay only $105. That's a saving of $30.  Spray tans must be used in a three month time frame. Any tans not used within the three months will be forfeited.


Express Facial (30 min) $80

Includes cleanse & exfoliation, as well as a suitable mask application.


Traditional/Deep Cleansing Facial (1 hr) $110

A facial designed to treat your skin's specific needs.

Extractions trough steaming if required.

Face and decolletage massage.


Deluxe Facial (1.5 hrs) $145

Total pampering, extended massage, steam & extractions (if required),

eye lashes tinted  & eyebrows tinted and shaped.


O2 Oxygen Facial

Vitamins & minerals are delivered to the skin tissue via the very breath of nature itself - pure oxygen. Fantastic treatment for facial rejuvenation of every kind - great for fine lines as well as blemishes. Amazing results in just 30 minutes.


$105 Stand alone treatment

$80 Add-on to facial

$540 Course of six O2 treatments.



Guinot's star treatment has spectacular results in restoring beautiful and youthful skin.  This exclusive patented Guinot method transmits energy to skin cells through the dynamic ionisation allowing rapid absorption of active ingredients, as well as boosting cell oxygenation through the oxygenation by thermal effect.  The skin's microcirculation is also increased.


Hydradermie Youth Treatment (includes eye and neck treatment):
$170 Individual Treatment

$545 Course of four treatments


This treatment acts deep in the skin, "lifting" and refining the facial features via stimulation of the facial muscles and anti-ageing drainage. The visible results being smoother and less noticeable lines.

$100 Express (30 min)

$155 Hydralift (1 hour)

$2220 Deluxe Hydralift (2 hours)




The Detoxygene treatment is suitable to all skin types.  In just one hour the skin is detoxified (pollution and toxins are removed), reoxygenated (improving cellular respiration and providing cells with energy), the skin breathes again and looks radiant.

Hydra Peeling Treatment with Hydra PH $150 

Radiance treatment ideal for all skin types. Smooth out the texture of the skin, minimises signs of ageing and deeply moisturises the skin.


Lift Summum $150

This treatment is designed to firm and smooth the skin of the face, neck and decolletage. A treatment that redifines the face contour and restores radiance to the skin.


Age Summum $150

Guinot's most anti-ageing treatment. Immediately treats signs of ageing - wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness and lack of radiance.



Age Logic Eye Lifting Treatment $105

A contouring treatment that targets the very delicate eye area.

This 3-step treatment will help to eliminate wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eye area.


Anti-Stress Facial $150

Using enzymes, lactic acids and hydropeptides the skin is exfoliated, revitalised and hydrated.



Brightening Facial $150

Even out, lighten & brighten all skin types.



Anti-Wrinkle Facial $170

With the use of 17 peptides and proteins the skin will be rejuvenated and plumped.



MediLux- Medical Grade Light Therapy

MediLux LED is a non-evasive, results driven treatment utilising 1,500 powerful light emitting diodes ranging from blue to green, yellow, red and near infrared. Each light wavelength targets specific skin concerns including acne, facial redness, pigmentation, uneven tone and signs of ageing. The near infrared light is able to penetrate deep in the dermis reaching the subcutaneous layer of the skin and muscle to enable deep tissue repair and cellular regeneration. Included in the treatment is a cosmeceutical peel as well as a hyaluronic delivery mask for the face.

$135 Standard Treatment

$75 Add-on Treatment

$680 Course of 6 LED

Lumixa $299

Lumixa is an innovative phototherapy system allowing treatments to be performed using fluorescent light energy(FLE) FLE acts simultaneously in the different layers of the skin resulting in the benefits of multiple wavelengths of light energy at once on both epidermal and dermal layers up to 6mm deep. Treatments with Lumixa stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen production, correct inflammageing, target the intrinsic signs of ageing and reactivate the skin matrix. 

Lumixa Collagen Booster - Studies show a 7 x increase in collagen production         72 hours after Lumixa compared to baseline.

Lumixa Skin Normaliser - Studies show a 77% reduction in inflammation 24 hours after Lumixa compared to baseline.


Supreme Experience Treatment $150

A complete experience which fights the signs of ageing and inflamm'aging. This facial simultaneously works on wrinkles, slackening skin, dull complexion and dark spots.



Payot Professional Collagen Mask Treatment $150

This instant beauty boost leaves the skin's complexion revitalised, replenished, even and luminous. Buy a course of five and receive the sixth free.



PAYOT Sensitive Skin Facial $130

For sensitive skin to calm, soothe and strengthen. Leaves the skin refreshed, supple and soft.



Masque Techni Liss (Liss Absolu) $150

A comprehensive treatment with a professional AHA peeling and a rebalancing repairing mask.



Nutri Solution Museli Mask $140

A nourishing enveloping ritual to help dry skin regain its original softness and velvety texture. Enjoy the sensory journey with the beautiful scent from cranberries.


Lift Absolu $145

A unique treatment that instantly and visibly fixes the loss of firmness and elasticity, to restore volume and lift the face and neck contours.






Repolish $25


File & Polish $35


Manicure $45


Deluxe Manicure with paraffin wax $55


Pedicure $65


Deluxe Pedicure with paraffin wax $75


Shellac File & Polish $39


Shellac Manicure $65


Shellac Pedicure $85


Removal of Shellac $15



5 minutes $29


10 minutes $34


15 minutes $39


20 minutes $44


30 minutes $54


Includes disposable needle.




Eyelash Tint $40


Eyebrow Tint $30


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint $60


Eyelash Lift $80

Eyebrow Henna $70





Traditional Swedish Style Massage

Full body massage (1 hr) $105

Back & neck massage (30 min) $75


Body Exfoliation $80


Slim Logic Treatment $135

This body treatment combines manual techniques and caffeine to combat the 2 main causes of curves and cellulite, excess fat and fluid. Starting with an enzymatic exfoliation, followed by a manual massage to boost microcirculation and stimulate drainage, and finished with a fluid-reducing body wrap. The skin is left smoother and more supple. The best results are achieved when done as a weekly course of 4.

10% off a course of four treatments


Body Exfoliation and 1/2 hour Massage $125

Body exfoliation and massage that will visibly improve the skin's texture. Leaves the skin healthy and glowing.


Sunless Tanning

Moroccan Tan Spray Tan $45

Moroccan Tan Three Spray Tans $105

Quick & easy to apply and leaves a beautiful natural tan.





Bikini $34


G-string $44


Brazilian $69


Half Leg / Full Leg $35 / $53


3/4 leg wax $45


Half Leg & Bikini / Full Leg & Bikini $55 / $65


Half Leg & G-string / Full Leg & G-string $60 / $80


Half Leg & Brazilian / Full Leg & Brazilian $90 / $110


Half Arm / Full Arm $30 / $37


Underarm $30


Eyebrow $32


Lip $20


Chin $20


Lip & Chin $35


Face $45


Side of face $25






Chest $55


Back $55


Eyebrow $32




Pure Indulgence $320

• Full Body Exfoliation

• Deluxe Facial

• Deluxe Manicure

• Deluxe Pedicure

(Total value = $355)


Something Special $245

• Back & Neck Massage

• Express Facial

• Manicure

• Pedicure

(Total value = $270)


Urban Retreat $155

• Back & Neck Massage

• Traditional Facial

(Total value = $180)


Detoxifying Duo $250

• Slim Logic Body Treatment

• Detoxygene Facial Treatment

(Total value = $274)


Pregnancy Pampering $185

• Express Facial

• Deluxe Manicure

• Deluxe Pedicure

(Total value = $210)


Also available

• Beautiful Gift Certificates

• Free Skin Analysis

• Monthly Promotions

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